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Bromley Race Club was formed in 1993. The club has grown from its small beginnings to being one of the largest and successful Race Clubs in the South East. All the children are encouraged to start competing at a local and school level as soon as they join the club, with the long term goals of racing regionally and nationally. Many of our racers also progress to winter races in Europe on snow.

The Squad currently train every Saturday at Chatham Ski Centre, since the closure of Bromley Ski Centre in 2016.
TODO: Restricted vs open training sessions?

There are currently about 40 members in the race squad, of all ages, who race competitively from local to international level.

Training times are as follows:
Saturday: 4:00pm - 6:00pm at Chatham

Contact Us

  • The Bromley Race Club committee is governed by a Constitution which stipulates the minimum number for a Club Committee and the aims and behaviours of the membership.
    The committee is selected annually at the AGM.
  • TODO: Replace all of this...

    Currently the committee consists of:

    Chairperson, John Lewington: chair@justskiit.co.uk
    Secretary: secretary@justskiit.co.uk (not in use)
    Treasurer, John Rattigan: treasurer@justskiit.co.uk
    Head Coach, Ben Clark: headcoach@justskiit.co.uk
    Child Protection Officer, Alison Willows: childpo@justskiit.co.uk
    Athletes Representative, Laurence Willows: athletes@justskiit.co.uk
    Membership & Events Secretary, Karl Moore: membership@justskiit.co.uk
    Marketing/ Sponsorship, Andy Proudlove: sponsor@justskiit.co.uk
    Communications: webmaster@justskiit.co.uk

Photo Galleries

Southern Region Final Prize-giving

Bromley celebrate winning 'Top Performing Club' LSERSA 2017

Some photos from a recent race.

Some photos from one of our training sessions.